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When will my hours come in from my employer?

Your employer will send your benefits for hours worked to the Administrator’s office the month after they are worked.

If you are working on travel card, it will take two months for your benefits to arrive at your home local.


I am a new member, when will I become eligible for group insurance benefits?

You will become eligible for group insurance benefits when you have accumulated 3 months worth of premiums in your banked welfare account.


I am currently not eligible for benefits, how can I be reinstated?

To be reinstated, you will have to accumulated 2 months worth of premiums in your banked welfare.

Please note that you can pay direct to keep your benefits going, however, you can not pay directly to come back into benefit once you have been terminated.


I would like to change my beneficiary for my life insurance.

To change a beneficiary, you must complete a new Welfare Plan Enrollment form.


I would like to add my new born son to my benefits

You can add newborn children to your plan by dropping into the office and adding them to your existing Welfare and Pension enrollment forms, your child’s birth certificate will be required.


I would like to add my common law spouse to my benefits

Once you have been living in a common law relationship for more than 1 year, you are able to add your common law spouse to your benefits.  You will be required to complete the Common Law Spouse Affadavit form an submit it to the Administrator’s office.